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GSX1300R Hayabusa Fairings

GSX1300R Hayabusa Fairings

Fairings to put your GSX1300R on steroids from Motorcycle Fairing

How would you like to turn that brutal power, awesome speed, and great looks into something even better? There’s no doubt that it’s the GSX1300R we are talking about. It’s time to treat yourself to the highest quality Suzuki GSXR 1300 fairings from the largest fairings shop. is your one stop shop for the very best in high quality fairings and plastics for the GSX1300R 1996-2007 and the GSX1300R 2008-Present. If you are looking for a Hayabusa fairing kit you can count on us for quality fairings made from OEM grade ABS with injection molded technology. Yes, our hayabusa fairings are no ordinary fairings made from cheap plastic that can bend and even fly off the moment you hit the road.

We spare no expense when it comes to quality aftermarket fairings

At Motorcycle Fairing, we have built our reputation solely because we are committed to providing fellow bikers with the highest quality Suzuki GSXR 1300 fairings that are lightweight, durable, and aerodynamically designed to perfection. You can ride faster and still end up with a gas bill much lower than you expected at the end of the month. Every Hayabusa fairing that leaves our shop is designed to withstand the toughest conditions with a triple base coat and layers of paint to prevent the fairings from any chips, scratches, and stains.

Free shipping and superior customer service

Every order includes a free windscreen in a shade of your choice. Not to forget, we also offer free shipping to destinations worldwide. Browse through our breathtaking collection of Hayabusa fairings and you will find an array of designs and styles that range from a simple stock look to unique airbrush works of art. Every Hayabusa fairing comes with pre-drilled holes that conform to the original factory standards for precision fitment. Besides, you get to save up to 60% off the retail price on many kits. There are snazzy colors too ranging from fuschia to flaming red and black, matte silver and green, and much more. The super sexy look you desire is just a click away. Order now and Motorcycle Fairing will ship it to you as swiftly as your bike moves.

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Get free windscreen and free shipping, when ordering your Suzuki fairing.

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