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Kawasaki Ninja ZXR 250 Fairings

Kawasaki Ninja ZXR 250 Fairings

Easy riding with Ninja 250R fairings from Motorcycle Fairing

With the Ninja 250R, you’ve got everything you want in a sports bike. The versatile bike has smooth power delivery and superb handling characteristics. Add a set of Ninja 250 fairings and you the proud owner of a machine out of the world in terms of looks, performance, and durability as well. That’s what Motorcycle Fairing can help you achieve. Our aerodynamically constructed Ninja 250R fairing does not only look great but also delivers effectively in a wide range of riding situations. They are lightweight, which is just perfect for your nimble machine and designed to give you pure riding pleasure.

Exciting designs for a versatile bike

Every Ninja 250 fairing kit we have in stock is made from the highest OEM grade ABS plastic using injection molded technology in the production process. We have an exciting range of designs and styles for Kawasaki Ninja ZXR 250 1989-1990 and Kawasaki Ninja ZXR 250 1991-1993 series to suit every newbie and seasoned veteran. There’s a cool combination of green, blue and black, and even a choice of green and black and complete matte black finishing as well. Three base coats and layers of paint go into the manufacture of every Ninja 250 fairing kit. They also have the potential to withstand high temperature since they feature the latest heat-shield technology.

A choice of fairings at an affordable price

An efficient bike like the Ninja 250R deserves a set of high quality fairings and that’s what we promise to deliver at no extra cost for shipping to any destination around the globe. Our Ninja 250 fairings are easy to install. Every kit is delivered with pre-drilled holes that conform to factory fittings. No messy adjustments or loose fittings to spoil the looks and performance of your beauty. Wind, rain, nor any pebbles and dirt that kick up during your ride will have an effect on your Ninja 250 fairing so you can say goodbye to ugly scratches and chipping. Simply enjoy a smooth ride and save on fuel even when you have the urge to surge full throttle. It’s time to place your order. There’s up to 60 percent savings right now.

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